World Class FC Players Dominate 2017 High School Season Awards

WCFC Players Dominate the 2017 High School Season Awards

Cate Feerick  (All-Section, NY All-State & Rockland Player of the Year)

Sarah Donovan (All-Section, Rockland All-Stars & NY All-State)

Zoe Maxwell (All Section, Westchester All-Stars & NY All-State)

Rachael Peacock  (All Section, Westchester All-Stars & NY All-State)

Allison Stafford  (NY All-State, Westchester All-Stars  & All-Section)

Alyssa Portington  (All-Section, Rockland All-Stars & NY All-State)

Emily Davren (All-Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Tara Harris (All-Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Caroline Kelly (All Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Kelly Brady (Rockland All-Stars)

Katherine Carstensen (Rockland All-Stars)

Jaymie Pietropinto (All Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Ciara Saxton (All-Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Carly Steinberg (All-Section & Westchester All-Stars)

Olivia Bryant (All-Section)

Bianca Christ (All-Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Daniella Devany (All-Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Erika McCue (All-Section)

Kate McNally (All-Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Nicole Solicito  (All-League & Rockland All-Stars)

Victoria Bertussi (First Team Bergen County & NJGSCA Award)

Baylie Gerber (All Conference & All County/Bergen)

Britt Cunningham  (All Conference & All County/Bergen)

Joseph Stahl  (All-State, All-Region, All-Section, All-County & Rockland Player of the Year, Rockland/Westchester All-Stars)

Eric Pastarnack  (All-Section NY)

Sean Ryan (All-Section & Rockland All-Stars)

Ciaran Shalvey (Rockland All-Stars)

Denis Fleming (All-Section, Rockland All-Stars)

Sam Beck (Rockland All-Stars)

Jon Jacobs (All Section Coach of the Year)

Pete McGovern (Conference Coach of the Year)


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