WCFC & OMM Soccer - New Turf Field Development

What is the size of the new turf field ?

The new turf field will be a "small-sided" game field. The field will be 70 yards x 50 yards, which is the same size as our Field 2 grass field.

When will the project be completed ?

Construction started on August 26 and is projected to be completed in 4-5 weeks. If the project takes a full five weeks, we would expect the field will available for play starting on the weekend of September 28/29.  Of course, a big component of the projected timeline is related to weather conditions so we are hopeful the project timeline is not delayed.  Once the site grading, drainage system and perimeter curbing is completed, we will have more clarity on the timeline. We will keep all updated along the way.

Is there anything families and players should be aware of while contruction is in progress?

While construction will be in progress, the front parking lot will be closed off along with some field areas and parts of the walking path. The loss of some space may impact parking since we will have less spots available. We would recommend arriving a bit earlier for games and practices so you are sure you have time to park. We also ask that you be sure to keep an eye on any children you have with you when you are at the complex, to ensure they stay away from the closed off areas.

What is the cost of the project ?

The total cost of the turf project is roughly $400,000. This includes the installation of the turf field, relocation of existing underground sprinkler valves and lines and installation of the new fencing which separates Field 5 and Field 6, among other line items in the budget.

Who is paying for the project ?

The soccer club (OMM / World Class FC / BuddyBall Sports) is paying for 100% of the cost of the project.  While the Orangetown Soccer Complex is owned by the Town of Orangetown, the soccer club is paying 100% of the costs. The Town of Orangetown has no financial responsibility for the project.

The Town of Orangetown has been a strong partner for OMM/World Class during the 50 year history of the program and the public/private partnership structure that developed the soccer complex enabled the two parties to combine their financial resources to bring this first class complex to our community.   With the Town’s ongoing support and approval of the project, we are able to add this new turf field to the complex.

How is the soccer club paying for the project ?

The club is a not-for profit organization which operates under a financial plan that addresses the short-term and long-term needs of our programs. We have been setting funds aside for this project as well as other projects that are currently in the planning stages.  Our objective is to maintain the complex to the highest standards in the soccer community.

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