World Class FC Club Policies & Procedures


Player Insurance :

WCFC players are carded with the U.S. Club Soccer organization.  All US Club Soccer registered youth players, coaches and administrators holding passcards are insured by a secondary medical insurance policy that has a deductible. The current insurance policy also covers approved international travel.  If you are an injured player, you must file your claim within 90 days of the date of the injury.  To file a claim click the link below :

Player Insurance Claim Form

Tryouts :

World Class FC holds open tryouts each year at the end of the Spring season.  The Spring tryouts include two sessions for each age group.  During tryouts, the World Class FC coaching staff observes and evaluates all players.  World Class FC expects all of its existing players to participate in tryouts each year.  No player is guaranteed a spot on the roster for the subsequent year and must participate in tryouts and earn a position on each team.  Players will be notified of the results of the tryouts once all of tryouts for the program are completed.  In addition to the annual tryouts in the Spring, individual teams may hold supplemental tryouts at other times during the course of the year. 

Playing Time :

Playing time may be more or less than that of another player on the team and will be determined by the Head Coach.  Playing time is based on attendance at training sessions and games, player attitude, player commitment level and playing ability.  World Class FC guarantees 100% playing time at every training session.

Training Sessions :

Each team will train at least two times per week during the Fall and Spring.  Training sessions are conducted between Monday and Friday, starting no earlier than 5:00 pm and ending no later than 10:00 pm (for our High School age groups).  Attempts are made to schedule training sessions as conveniently as possible for each team (see policy regarding Cross-Training).

Cross-Training :

We understand families and players participating in the World Class FC program have a busy schedule.  We understand there will be situations where players are unable to attend their team’s scheduled training sessions due to conflicts with your personal schedule. To maximize each players training and player development within the program, we encourage our players to cross-train with other teams in the program during their outdoor training sessions when you can not attend your team’s outdoor training session and take advantage of the depth of the program and coaching staff.  So for example, if a player on one Girls Premier team has a conflict with their session due to a school function, they should attend another Girls Premier or possible a Boys Premier team session.  If you decide to take advantage of this element of the program, the player must :  (1) obtain approval from your Head Coach to attend sessions with another team so they know that you are making up sessions with another team and, (2) obtain approval from the Head Coach of the team that you are cross-training with so they can plan their session accordingly.

Age Appropriate Play Policy:

World Class strongly supports the approach that kids play at their age appropriate level and believes that most players in the program will develop better at their age appropriate level.  However, the club recognizes that some players may be physically and psychologically ready to be considered for the next age level within the club’s competitive team structure. During the annual tryout process held in the Spring, the Director of Coaching and the Assistant Director of Coaching along with the coaching staff for each applicable age group will evaluate all players that wish to be moved up an age level and will determine whether or not the player will play at the next age level.   The World Class FC coaching staff will make these decisions at their discretion.  Players that are approved to play up at the next age level are approved for one year.  The following year, all players will be required to try out for their appropriate age group. 

Exceptions to Age Appropriate Policy : 

  • In the event there is not a team in a particular age group and a team is formed combining two age groups, the younger players will not be considered “playing up” for that year and will be permitted to play up to the next age level for that season.
  • After try-outs, if a team is still not full and needs additional players, the coach may consider younger players for their team ONLY if the age appropriate team is full. These players can only be considered with the approval of the Director of Coaching.

Double-Carding :

World Class FC - NY  :   World Class NY does not allow players to be double-carded with another club. 

World Class FC - NJ  :  World Class NJ does allow players to be carded to another club, subject to the approval of their WCFC coach.   

Guest Playing :

World Class FC will allow players to guest play with another club on a case-by-case basis, subject to the player meeting certain conditions.  For a player to guest play with another club, the player must request permission from the Head Coach of their team.  If the Head Coach approves the request and the player is in good standing on all tuition payments due to World Class FC, the player will be permitted to guest play with another club.  All World Class FC training sessions, league games and tournaments take priority over guest playing with another club’s team.  To guest play you must fill out a guest player / loan form.   If you do not follow the policy and fail to fill out the form and get it processed with the World Class FC registrar, the player takes the following risks :

1)  You are playing with no insurance.
2)  U.S. Cub has notified all members clubs that any player that participates in a US Club event as a guest player without processing this form is subject to the risk of not being approved for a player pass with the player’s primary club.  So, if you guest play without the proper forms, US Club may deny you a player pass (or will void your existing pass if you already received a player pass) with your primary club.  If this occurs and your World Class FC team participates in a US Club league or tournaments, you run the risk of not being able to participate with your World Class FC team in any matches.   Please note, the ECNL program is sponsored by US CLub so this league applies as well.
Click the link below to access the appropriate form

US Club Guest Player / Loan Form

USYS Guest Player / Loan Form


League Placement :

World Class FC teams currently participate in a variety of leagues.  Teams are placed in a certain league based on a variety of factors.  World Class FC reserves the right to approve and determine what league(s) each team is registered with. 

Tournament Selection :

World Class FC teams currently participate in a variety of outdoor and indoor tournaments.  Teams are placed in certain tournament based on a variety of factors.  World Class FC reserves the right to approve and determine what tournament(s) each team participates in.

Coach Selection :

The Executive Director of Coaching, Girls DOC and Boys DOC are responsible for approving and selecting all of the Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches in the program and will assign a coach(es) to each team in the club.  The parents do not participate in the process of selecting coaches in our program.  The Executive DOC reserves the right to change the coach of any team in the program at any time.

Risk Management :

All World Class FC volunteers, coaches and trainers must pass a background check administered by Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association and/or US Club Soccer.

Tuition :

Prior to the start of each season, all players and parents shall be notified of the annual tuition to participate in the program.  Generally, tuition payments are due over the course of several installments.  All payments are due and payable in a timely manner after specific payment dates are communicated.  If a player’s tuition payment is delinquent, World Class FC reserves the right to withhold the player’s pass until the delinquency is cured.  All tuition payments are non-refundable

Tuition Assistance Program :

World Class FC has a Tuition Assistance Program ("TAP") which is available to all players in the program.  Any assistance granted is based on an assessment conducted by the TAP program coordinator in a private and confidential manner through email communication To apply for Tuition Assistance you must :  (a)  send an e-mail request to,  and (b) download the Tuition Assistance Application Form below and return the completed document along with your 2012 tax return to us via email or regular mail.


Tuition Assistance Application Form

Multiple Child Discount Program :

World Class - NY - For families with multiple children in our program we offer some discounts.  World Class - NJ does not offer multiple child discounts

Uniforms & Apparel :

1) Uniform & Training Gear -   Teams shall wear the game day uniforms and training gear as established by the club and sold though our web based online store.  Teams will not deviate from the uniform or training gear we have established for the entire club.

2) Fanwear -   Teams shall purchase all of their supplemental gear from our online store partner (Ewing Sports), which supplies all approved Adidas gear and is the exclusive provider of WCFC patches and logos.  Teams are not permitted to purchase gear from outside vendors and outside vendors are not authorized to use the WCFC logo / patch.   While our online store offers supplemental gear, it is not possible to offer all of the Adidas soccer apparel on our store. Therefore, in the event your team wants to purchase any soccer gear that is not on our store, please contact us and we will make arrangement for you to work directly with our partners at Ewing and Adidas to get the item you want at a competitive price.



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